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Choose Amarillo ISD
As a choice district with a flexible enrollment policy, AISD students have the opportunity to choose the campus that best meets their needs, even if it’s not their neighborhood school. Students also design their own specialized educational path from elementary through high school with instruction from our team of 100 percent highly qualified teachers. Exceptional opportunities available from our 5th grade string orchestra to dozens of career and technical programs of study enrich students as 21st century scholars every step of the way.

Learn more and explore enrolling your student in AISD (Opens in new window).

Campus Goals and Performance Objectives

Explore our Campus Goals and Performance Objectives (PDF opens in a new window), which includes our core values, belief statements, and goals.


Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR)

Visit the Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR) page (Opens in a new window) to view the TAPR.

The TAPR report pulls together a wide range of information on the performance of students in each school and district in Texas every year. Performance is shown disaggregated by student groups, including ethnicity and socioeconomic status. The reports also provide extensive information on school and district staff, programs, and student demographics.


Parent Engagement Plan and School-Parent Compact

To learn how we connect with parents for the purpose of helping students succeed at our school, read our Parent Engagement Plan and School-Parent Compact (Opens in new window).

Caprock High School Hall of Fame

High schools in Amarillo ISD induct two former students or community members with close ties to the school into their Hall of Fame each year. Hall of Fame committees are comprised of faculty, administration, community members who are graduates of the school, class officers and student council leaders. The committee accepts nominations for inductees during the school year and announces their names at a program held either in the fall or spring semester.

The list below is comprised of Caprock High School Hall of Fame members.

2022: Shane O’Dell

2021: Ted McBride

2020: Jen Henderson

2017: Colonel Acension D. Fierro

2015: Matt Griffith , Mindy Montano

2014: Linda Pitner , Nancy Tanner

2013: Mike Lozano , Merey Murguia

2008: Richard Constancio, Jr.

2007: Deanna Epperson , Sheila Roan Sims

2006: Robert Rabb

2005: Vicki Covey , Dusty Stockard

2003: Wayne Blount , Valerie Kiper

2002: Diana Goad , James Lozano

2001: J. Mark Fuller , Jerome “Joey” Hall

Kim Killian

2000: Bruce Nipp , Gerald E. Nipp, Jr.

1999: Scott Tankersley , Dr. Michael E. Wolf

1998: Brett Z. Burrough , Kevin Dockery

T. Scott Thompson

1997: Dr. Robert D. Britten , Mitch Contreras

1995: Dixie Melillo, MD

1994: Andrew J. Parsons , Tommy E. Tankersley

1993: Rita P. Harman , Eddie W. Henderson

1992: Wesley A. Alderete, MD , Eddie W. Henderson

1991: Bill Huff , Linda Huff Keefer

Jodi Koumalats-Thomas

1990: Steven R. Collins , Terrence James Collins

Vivian Graham

1989: Anastacio C. Guillen , Libby Lanford Kay

1988: Susan M. Cox, MD

1987: Jeff G. Cox , Gerald Rogers

1986: Rex L. Davidson

1985: Reginald L. Davis , W. Travis Plumlee

1984: Socorro Manjano de Median

Russel R. McDonald, MD

1983: Jimmy Hansen , Bruce Hubbard

1982: George Faulkner , Johnny Faulkner

Betty Wheeler

1981: Dennis Price , Stan Smith